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After submitting your law school application to various institutions, you may find yourself being waitlisted. Although it can be a disappointing event, it is actually a great accomplishment because it means that you have met their stringent academic requirements. A law school’s waiting list is certainly not a form of rejection. These types of situations arise when the school’s admission quota has been met due to other applicants being accepted before you. A law school has a predetermined amount of students that can enroll into their courses. Once the quota is met, they begin to waitlist all other qualified students.

In order to stand apart from the hundreds of other students that are on the same waiting list, it is very important to distinguish yourself. You need to show your first choice law school that you are committed to obtaining an education from their institution and that you are not like all of the other individuals that may be using the school as a fall back. Someone who is waitlisted must make it their main priority to show their seriousness and their dedication so that they rise above the sea of applicants that a law school is handling on a daily basis.

One of the most important things that you need to do is to look into the waitlist policy of the law school. You should find out if there is a follow up procedure in place that allows you to check up on the status of your application. Depending on the law school, you may be able to send an email, place a phone call or send a letter. Some schools will even provide you with your specific rank on the waiting list, which lets you know how likely you are to get a formal acceptance. Knowing what the school finds suitable in terms of correspondence will prevent you from unnecessarily disturbing the admissions staff.

Sending in a letter of continued interest is a great way to remind the law school that you are ready to begin your law education with them. The letter should include any new achievements or awards that you may have, supplementary recommendation letters, your current grades and extracurricular activities. You need to show the school that you are not sitting back and taking it easy. Law schools are interested in well-rounded individuals that are hard-working and who are not afraid to take on more than one task. The general nature of a law school education requires you to do so, which makes these types of qualities essential. If you need help with your letter of continued interest, check out Gradvocates Letter of Continued Interest editing.

Not knowing where you will be attending law school can be very nerve-racking. Even though you may have your heart set on a specific school, you should also keep track of enrollment deadlines at institutions that have accepted you without a conditional waitlist. Knowing exactly how long you have before you need to give up all hope on your first choice, can help you avoid missing the enrollment period at your back up school. As a result, you will not have to wait an additional year to begin law school. In the worst case scenario, you could easily transfer into your favorite school at a later point in time.

Being persistent is crucial to getting yourself off of the waitlist. Just imagine all of the other students who are not taking the time to really go after what they want. This provides you with a prime opportunity to make yourself shine for the admission staff. It is not uncommon for a law school to move an applicant up on the waitlist after receiving continued interest from the individual. Often times, law schools can be greatly impressed by the additional efforts that an applicant is making in order to attend their institution. The ultimate reward is your formal acceptance.

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    “Although it can be a disappointing event, it is actually a great accomplishment because it means that you have met their stringent academic requirements.”

    This is a great way of looking at things… I will try to keep this in mind as I go forward with my applications.

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