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The easiest way to time your SAT Practice Tests

The best way to mentally prepare for the SAT

Available on iPhone & iPad


The story is all too familiar. The diligent student devotes countless hours to:

  • Taking an SAT course
  • Studying SAT books
  • Forming an SAT study group
  • Taking countless SAT Practice Tests

The student gets high scores on the SAT Practice Tests. The student feels good. The student feels confident.

Yet, on test day, the student becomes nervous, gets distracted, and fails to come close to his or her target score. Specifically, the following factors interfere with the student’s success:

One: A proctor who strictly times you by telling you when to start and stop, who screams out the five-minute warning, who is always in your presence, and whose eyes burn right through you as you are take this important test.

Two: The feeling of the test being the “real deal”: being read the instructions before the test starts, having only thirty seconds between sections, being allowed only a short break, and other test-day procedures.

Three: The feeling of people being around you and making distracting test-day noises, including coughing, pencil erasing, chair squeaks, sneezing, and asking to use the restroom.

Wasted time and frustration are not the only concerns. With courses costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, money is at stake too.

In other words, to score high on test day, you need to practice under actual conditions.

The SAT Proctor DVD will help.

Features of the SAT Proctor DVD

SAT Timer

Push play once to easily time all sections of your full-length SAT Practice Tests, including the experimental section and writing sample. Practice timing yourself with the watch that you will use on test day.

Realistic SAT Proctor

A realistic simulation of test day, including a proctor who reads instructions and test-day procedures. You will know exactly what to expect on test day, reducing your anxiety and boosting your confidence.

Distractions Mode

Optional (DVD and iOS App only) Distractions Mode simulates noise from other test takers. This increases your concentration by helping you build tolerance to distractions that could lower your score.

Available in the following formats

This product is called the SAT Proctor DVD. But don’t worry if you don’t have a DVD player or prefer the flexibility of using  on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac because it is now available in all formats.

Physical DVD
Physical DVDWorks on any DVD player, including PCs and Macs with DVD drives. No internet connection required. When you open up the case and pop in the DVD, you will know it's time for business. Great for doing SAT Practice Tests with a group of friends.
iOS App (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)
iOS App (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)The iOS version is perfect for on-the-go practice. Once downloaded, you don't need an internet connection to use it. You can turn distractions on and off.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "I took the SAT in June. I have to say that I studied intensely for about 6 months from winter break until right before the test. Practicing with old tests was the best method for retaining information for me personally, so I found this to be a key component of my practice exams. I took two tests before I got the Simugator DVD. I was not aware of how the exam was structured and how the timing would break down for each section. The DVD helped me to get a better feel for the exam and how the sections break down. It really helps you get a feel for the timing of the test. To me, this was the reason I thought the DVD made a difference. The distraction mode is cool, but being able to feel like you are in the exam room itself really helped me focus. 2200+ score, so I'm satisfied"

  • "If you get nervous taking standardized tests, then pick this up. I did a few run-throughs with practice tests and felt better than my first SAT test. I'm taking it again, so this should help."

  • "This SAT Proctor video makes it very easy to practice the test timed. And I think it makes a difference with my confidence when I use it, particularly after using it several times to time my practice tests. It just familiarizes you with what to expect on the day of test, and that's important. Because knowing what to expect is more than half the battle with the SAT I would say. If you take it enough times (enough practice tests I mean), you start to see patterns in the types of questions you will be asked that you would not recognize if you took it only one or two times or none at all. Since this gives you a simulation of the whole test, you get the best feel for how you will be feeling after 3 hours and what your best strategy will be for doing each question."


How to Purchase the SimuGator SAT Proctor DVD

  • High Quality Video
  • Can Use Without Internet
  • Ability to Disable Distractions Mode
  • Section Menu
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, iTouch
  • Works on Android and all Mobile Devices

  • iOS App
    • High Definition Video
    • Can Use Without Internet
    • Can Turn Off Distractions Mode
    • Section Selection Menu
    • Works on iPhone/iPad/iTouch
    • Works on Android and all Mobile Devices
  • Physical DVD
    • High Definition Video
    • Can Use Without Internet
    • Can Turn Off Distractions Mode
    • Section Selection Menu
    • Works on iPhone/iPad/iTouch
    • Works on Android and all Mobile Devices