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As a current undergraduate and future law school applicant, you should plan to have plenty of extracurricular activities on your law school application. These activities will serve the dual functions of distinguishing you from thousands of other law school applicants while showing that you are a dedicated and committed student.

Any type of extracurricular activity that displays leadership skills is an excellent choice. There are plenty of extracurricular activities in college that can help you show off your skills and talents. For example, you can get on a club’s executive board, be the captain of a sports team, or help organize charity work. It is really not important what kind of activity you are involved in—what matters is that you can demonstrate your ability to successfully balance school work with other activities. Having a job while in college is another way to show your ability to multitask, and it is also highly beneficial since law schools look favorably upon work experience.

Volunteering is another great soft factor that you should try to be involved in. Once you graduate from law school, many lawyers are expected to donate a certain amount of their time every year to pro bono work. By working with the less fortunate early on, you show your dedication to providing free services to those who need it the most. If you plan to work in the field of public interest law, it will be advantageous for you to volunteer your hours at a legal advocacy group where you will most likely perform small tasks to assist attorneys. Public interest employers usually want to hire law students who are highly dedicated. Having a long track record of volunteering will help demonstrate your commitment while looking fantastic on your law school application.

Being involved with your university newspaper is also a great idea. You will be able to demonstrate an above-average ability to write under pressure, which is exactly what you will be expected to do in law school and during your career as a lawyer. It will also be a great litmus test to determine if you want to participate on your school’s law review. Experience writing articles and conducting research are excellent skills to possess and will look great on your law application.

Another suggesting is to think about joining your university’s debate or mock trial team. Demonstrating your ability to make an argument or to prove a specific point is beneficial to your future law school education. It shows that you can properly organize your ideas in a structured manner and that you have the drive to do it in front of an audience. This is exactly what many trial lawyers have to do every single day, and this will also help you decide if you want to pursue litigation or transactional work once you graduate law school.

Hobbies are activities that can also be listed on your law school application. If you are an avid reader and belong to a book club or if you are a music enthusiast and play an instrument, you should certainly note these extracurricular activities. Listing these items will not only show that you are well-rounded but will also help distinguish you from the thousands of other law school applicants that you will be competing with.

Be honest about the amount of time dedicated to your extracurricular activities. You do not want to have an application that consists of false or misleading information. If you are lacking in activities, you should not make some up in order to pad your law school application. The admissions office can make a decision to verify your activities and if you have lied, you will run the risk of having your law school application denied. It is better to put emphasis on your good grades, educational achievements, and work experience than to fabricate activities that you have never taken part in.

Extracurricular activities, while often overlooked, are an important part of your law school application. You should make sure that you participate in as many activities as you can, without making your grades suffer. Law schools are without a doubt interested in your capacity to handle many things at once, and you should not hesitate to list all of your valuable time commitments.

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