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Every law school student can recall a time when they have been paying attention for about ten minutes in class and suddenly “that guy” comes into the room late. He quietly walks down the steps of the lecture hall and then cautiously sneaks by a few people to get to his seat, thinking he got away with being late. Two minutes later, a blaring Windows startup sound reverberates through the room and everyone, including you and the professor, turns to look at him disapprovingly.

While “that guy” probably won’t receive negative discretion for this one occurrence, he has interrupted class and may have even become a Socratic bullseye for the professor.

Fortunately, there is a solution that will allow you to permanently avoid being put in this situation. It’s called Auto Mute 2.0, a safe piece of software that installs in less than one minute and requires no configuration.

Auto Mute 2.0 will automatically mute your computer whenever you log off, suspend, or shutdown your computer. This means that when you turn your computer back on, you will no longer have to worry about whether you muted the volume the night before.

While Auto Mute 2.0 doesn’t work with Macs, this following tutorial does a good job of explaining how to disable the Mac startup sound:

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  • Anonymous

    Really great link, wish I heard of this sooner.

  • Not that incompetent

    If you can’t remember or understand how to mute your computer, you shouldn’t be in law school in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    This article reminded me of this guy’s mac laptop going off in the library. It was a prank, but it is still hilarious. Just watch how all the people are just appalled at the fact that he would have the audacity to do something like that in a library, lol.

    Hilarious Mac laptop startup music goes off in the library:

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