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After months of studying for the LSAT, it is common for students to spot LSAT issues everywhere. In fact, seeing life through the lens of the LSAT is a great way to reinforce what you have learned and a helpful way to study on-the-go.

For example, consider the following problem that we wrote based on the current feud going on between AT&T and Verizon.

In AT&T’s new national television commercial, actor Luke Wilson tries to set the record straight on AT&T’s wireless network. He implies that AT&T has superior 3G Smartphone coverage than Verizon does because AT&T covers 97% of all Americans, which is more than 300 million people.

Luke Wilson’s argument is most vulnerable to criticism on the grounds that

  1. it focuses on the weaknesses of the Verizon instead of the strengths of AT&T
  2. it does not state what constitutes a Smartphone
  3. it fails to disclose what percentage of the 97% statistic is comprised of 3G coverage
  4. it does not mention whether Luke Wilson exclusively uses AT&T service
  5. it overlooks the possibility that there are other popular services besides Verizon and AT&T

Do you know the correct answer?

We encourage you to try this method of studying by trying to recognize faulty logic in real life and then phrasing the statement in the form of an LSAT question.

Good luck!

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  • John H

    Hilarious post; what makes this even funnier is that Luke played a law student in “Legally Blonde.” What happened to his career?

  • Anonymous

    answer is C

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